Iso2000 - ingegneria sociale

The Social Engineering

Social Engineering is meant to represent a movement of culture and thought of which ISO 2000 would like to become promoter.

Social Engineering proposes to bring man and his territory back to the focus of interest of those who have responsibilities in managing the offer and demand of a professional product.

Cultural action therefore becomes the combining of technical and technological sciences with those more orientated towards man and society by reconsidering, from a modern point of view, the approach that in the past has produced achievements that are still exemplary today.

Although this method of working has been lost with the turbulent progress of consumer civilisation, we as ISO 2000, intend to retrieve it: all too often projects and interventions, dominated by technical and normative criteria, are elaborated through neutral and automated processes that produce featureless results, far from the consumer who, in order to accept them, aims to recognise characteristics of specificity and originality.

The starting point set by Social Engineering is the individuation of territorial and environmental valences to respect to the utmost their characteristics and to interpret their utility by the social fabric concerned. This is our philosophy of approach in studying problems and proposing action that are both compatible and specific.

Social Engineering, focusing on society to interpret its needs, represents a method for identifying and planning logical intervention with the specificity and aspiration of the territory concerned and, therefore, it is an operative model for producing solutions in keeping with the liens of socio-territorial development imposed by the objectives of political nature.


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